A mysterious motive for stabbing in Seven Dials

In mid September 1816 three people appeared in the Marlborough Street Police court (or Office as it was termed then) accused of being involved in the wounding of Thomas Mannax.

Mannax had been attacked at his home in Monmouth Street in the heart of the notorious Seven Dials district near Covent Garden. His attacker was John Christopher Colman and he had stabbed Mannax but there was no report that the man’s life was in danger.

The other two defendants were Colman’s mother and Mannax’s wife. One is bound to wonder at why Mrs Mannax was involved in an attempt on her own husband’s life. Sadly we can only speculate as the paper gives us nothing further than that the three prisoners were remanded for examination at a later date. Perhaps Mannax was an abusive husband, maybe Colman was having an affair with his wife?

[From The Morning Post, Tuesday, September 17, 1816]

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